My new way of life, starting in summer 2023 

My new way of life, starting in SUMMER 2023


Choosing something new is a big step. First and foremost, it means embracing change. And sometimes, it means embracing the unknown and forging new relationships.

Other times, it means moving on to a new phase of your life. In all cases, Novelia Apartments is the place to start—to choose an urban lifestyle in Montréal-Est and embark on a new adventure. To reimagine your way of life and make every moment count.

Taking the first step
towards change in Anjou  

The adventure begins in Montréal, at the corner of Des Galeries D’Anjou Boulevard and Saint-Zotique Street. The Novelia Apartments residential project marks the beginning of a new era in Anjou.

Daily life,

Choosing Novelia means living in an innovative project filled with common areas designed with you in mind. A project that allows you to be yourself, while growing and experiencing new things daily.

Choose the new to allow me to move forward 

Novelia’s 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments have a lot included, so you can simply focus on what you want your life to be and leave your worries behind. 

Simply choose the new 

Choosing Novelia means living in a new, modern building tailored to your lifestyle.